Furniture & White Ware

If you’ve got whiteware appliances or household furniture that you want gone, give us a call. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

We collect items from households and commercial properties, and make sure the items are disposed of in the best possible way. When we collect items, we carefully consider whether items can be recycled or repurposed.

We believe that one person’s junk can be another person’s treasure, so where possible we’ll give them to someone in need. Our goal is to reduce the number of items that need to go to the landfill and help people in our community.

Whiteware removal and disposal

We collect all kinds of whiteware items. Saving your back from heavy lifting and the headache of how to safely get rid of these large appliances.

Whiteware items we collect:

  • Fridges
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Freezers
  • Heat pumps

We collect whiteware in any condition – working, faulty or broken.

Old and broken whiteware items can pose a health and safety risk. For example, fridges contain hazardous gases that are harmful to the atmosphere and ozone layer if not safely removed by the experts. Appliances left outside will become rusty which can cause injury to someone moving it or a child playing nearby, and potentially leak substances into the soil and waterways.

The good news is that around 75% of a fridge can be recycled and broken into pieces to be used or repurposed. Often whiteware appliances have motors and mechanical components that can be reused, as well as scrap metal that can be melted down and created into something new.

Donating whiteware to people in need

Our philosophy is that if something can be given a new lease of life, we’ll do that. We will donate to a local charity to give to a family or person in need. This saves these items from ending up in the landfill and makes a difference in someone else’s life.

If you have an appliance that is in fine working condition, but you’ve upgraded and need the old one gone, we’ll take it off your hands and make sure it goes to a new home.

Whiteware disposal

We work with charities in Porirua who redirect donated used items back into the community.

Furniture and household items

We collect pre-loved furniture and either give it a new home or dispose of it for you. Whether the items need to be donated, taken to the appropriate recycling station or to the landfill, we will take care of this for you. If you’ve got one item to be removed or a truck load, we’ll come to you and take it away.

Furniture items we collect:

  • Beds and mattresses
  • Lounge suites
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Draws
  • Desks
  • Bookshelves
  • Bikes
  • Kitchen appliances (of all sizes)
  • Ovens
  • Rangehoods
  • TVs
  • Basically anything!

We collect household items in any condition. We can even dismantle items when required for removal.

Collecting and delivering items for donation

We can collect items and take them to a local second-hand shop or a charity of your choice who accepts donated furniture, appliances, clothing and children’s toys and books. There are many community organisations who take quality used goods and ensure these go to people who need them.

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This is a great way to pass on baby and child related items such as cots, bassinets, high chairs, strollers, boxes of clothes or bikes. We save you the hassle of finding new homes for these items and can pick it all up and deliver a charity or organisation who looks after families.

We really think outside the box when it comes to what can be donated and put to good use another way. For example, fabric and wool can be given to community groups for making boomerang bags or knitting beanies and socks for local children.

Helping with household clearances

We know that there are times when clearing out household items and furniture can be a sensitive situation. Especially if you are downsizing to move into a retirement home or removing items from a home of a loved one who has passed away. We are respectful of the challenge you are facing and take some of the stress away by removing items with no fuss. If you have rooms, garages or sheds filled with items that you just want cleared away, give us a call. All you need to do is point to the area you want cleared and we’ll take care of the rest.

Recycling metal items

If you’ve done a clear out of your kitchen it is likely that you have a bunch of items that could be taken to the scrap metal recyclers. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and 60% of an average stainless steel item is made from recycled material. Other metals that can be recycled include aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper and steel. This means that parts of broken ovens and rangehoods can be recycled, as well as pots and pans, small appliances and cutlery.

It just goes to show that there is a lot that can be saved from the landfill!

Whiteware Removal Wellington

If you are looking for whiteware removal services in Wellington, we can help at Junk N Dump. Here’s what we do and why you should choose us:

  • We remove any whiteware item, including fridges, dishwashers, and freezers, as well as washing machines, dryers, and heat pumps.
  • While we are at your home, we can collect any other waste items that you want removed as whiteware removal is only one of the services that we offer in the Wellington area. In fact, we can remove just about any unwanted item or rubbish from your home. Why not get rid of it all while we are there?
  • We’ll do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about anything. So long as we can access the whiteware item that we are removing, we’ll get it off your property and into our van. We work safely and have equipment that helps remove these items, as some of them can be heavy.
  • We’ll work quickly and efficiently while respecting your home. We are also reliable and friendly, and we will answer questions you have.
  • We’ll dispose of the whiteware item responsibly, giving back to the community where possible while also protecting the environment. If the item you are getting rid of is still safe to use and in good working condition, we’ll recycle or repurpose them to the best of our ability. If the item is not in working condition or is a safety hazard, we will send it for recycling. We use reputable and licensed recycling centre that can recycle a very large proportion of most whiteware items, leaving very little that ends up in landfill.

Furniture Disposal in Wellington

Furniture and other large items that are in your home are not easy to get rid of. Whether they are inside or you have managed to get them outside or into a garage, you still need to get them off your property. For that, you need a team with the expertise, can-do attitude, and vans suitable to get the job done. That’s us at Junk N Dump, so if you need furniture disposal in Wellington, contact us.

For furniture items that are at the end of their usable life, we’ll dispose of them as responsibly as possible, ideally by recycling.