Estate Clearance Wellington

Estate Clearance in Wellington

In addition to providing commercial waste removal services to warehouses, factories, office spaces, and restaurants, we also have experience working with property management and related companies providing waste removal in a wide range of situations.

Estate clearance in Wellington is an example. If you are responsible for clearing the estate of a deceased person, we can help. We’ll quickly and efficiently remove any rubbish or waste items, including hazardous items often found in sheds and garages such as paints and varnishes. We can also take items that are in a usable condition we’ll repurpose them, including whiteware items and furniture.

At Junk N Dump, we have the vans and capabilities to remove just about anything from the estate you are clearing. In addition, we do whatever we can to recycle or repurpose as much of what we collect as we can, sending as little as possible to landfill. If you have the rubbish sorted for recycling, great. If not, we’ll sort through it for you.

We are reliable and professional, too, so we won’t let you down. Get in touch today to find out more.

Remove. Recycle. Redistribute.

Yes, we remove ‘junk’, but one man’s junk is another man’s throne. We proactively participate in the global circular economy by avoiding compounding the landfill challenges our communities face. Not every homeowner or family member has the time or the means to dispose of unwanted goods or waste items in the most carbon-neutral way from a Wellington estate clearance.

And that is where we, Manny and Lagi, step in to help you have the greenest Wellington cleanout services possible.

We do our utmost to avoid taking items to the landfill. Any items that can be repurposed are given a new lease of life. Can you believe that can reduce your landfill impact by as much as seventy-five percent!  We sort out your Wellington estate clearance services and then sort the items.

We are happy to chat with the Wellington estate clearance solicitors to coordinate the logistics, and we will chat to appropriate local communities about the available repurposed items.

Be rest assured, we will handle your Wellington estate cleanup with compassion and discretion, taking that burden off of your shoulders.