Local rubbish removal

Hi, we’re Manny and Lagi Pereira, owners of Junk N Dump. A husband and wife team helping people in the Wellington region get rid of stuff they no longer need or want.

We provide a helpful solution by collecting unwanted items and giving people more time and space to do the things they love. As well as saving their backs from all the heavy lifting!

Our business was born from a true Kiwi “can do” attitude. We recognised a need and a way that we could put our trucks to good use. It also means we can do our part for the environment by making sure things get disposed of in a sustainable way.

We’re big on being eco-friendly and enjoy inspiring others with our actions. With every job we do we take the time to consider how to best deal with the items we’ve collected.

We also have big hearts and if something can be donated to a family in need, we’ll do that. We enjoy developing relationships with local community groups and organisations and finding what items would be useful to others. This means that when someone tells us they have something to donate we know exactly where to take it. We’ve become the middle runner between generous people and helpful organisations.

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We’re currently a team of two and we’ve been working together for a long time. We’re like a well-oiled machine that is reliable and gets the job done. For many years we had a business managing and distribution of bread orders within the Wellington region, and now we’re clearing away unwanted junk from people’s homes and places of work. It keeps us fit and gives us the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people from different walks of life. We love the variety that our day brings and helping people reclaim their space from unwanted junk.